Mayoral candidate James E. Champagne has asked the D.C. Board of Elections to hold a hearing to determine whether his only opponent in the Sept. 14 Republican primary is legally qualified to hold the office. The chairman of the board said he will grant the request.

Champagne said in a letter to Albert Beveridge, chairman of the board, that E. Brooke Lee Jr. does not meet the city's one-year residency requirement.

"Although he claims his mother's address here in Washington as his legal residence," Champagne wrote, "he still maintains his home in Falmouth, Maine. Also his specific claim regarding residency in the District was not made until he registered to vote here Jan. 2, 1982 two full months short of the residency requirement."

Beveridge said yesterday that he will schedule a hearing, probably to be held at the board's regular meeting next Wednesday.

Lee said his residence in the District is on Kalorama Road in a house owned by his mother. He said he has been living in the house and taking care of it for several years, although the deed is in his mother's name.

Lee said he received a letter from the District board July 8 informing him that he was qualified as a candidate for mayor.