A reminder about rules for displaying election posters in the District has been issued by the Department of Licenses, Investigations and Inspections.

Under D.C. law, permission to post campaign posters in public space is not required. However, the law states that within 24 hours of posting, two copies of the poster must be filed with the Director, Department of Licenses, Investigations and Inspections, Room 307, 614 H St. NW.

The law prohibits the placement of posters on trees or fixtures in the old Georgetown area which is controlled by the Commission of Fine Arts. The Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone Co. and Potomac Electric Power Co. prohibit the placement of posters on their utility poles or on telephone booths located in the District.

The law also requires posters to be securely mounted. They are not to be mounted with an adhesive that prevents their complete removal or that damages the fixture to which it is attached.

The law also requires that no more than three versions or copies of a poster be attached on one side of a street within one block. The posters also must list the date they were mounted. They must be removed no later than 30 days following the general election.