Maryland Gov. Harry Hughes, on a campaign swing through Montgomery County, yesterday formally appointed a 24-member commission to oversee regulation of condominiums in the county.

The commission, to be headed by state Sen. Jerome F. Connell (D-Anne Arundel), includes some elected officials and a number of private citizens active in pushing for condominium laws to protect tenants.

In appointing the commission, Hughes noted 1981 legislation requiring condominium converters to set aside 20 percent of each building for elderly and handicapped tenants and called the measure "a major step forward" in the regulation of condominium conversions.

After the brief ceremony in the county office building, Hughes, accompanied by County Executive Charles Gilchrist, made campaign stops at the dedication of a local Elks Club lodge, at a condominium development where he was given a tour of model condos, and at the headquarters for the election slate of county incumbents.

"It's been a very good day in Montgomery County," Hughes told sweating workers in the unairconditioned headquarters. "But we always have good days here."

Hughes could afford to be confident, according to local politicians who have been out campaigning. "There just isn't anyone in this county it seems who is against Harry Hughes," said state Sen. Sidney Kramer (D-Montgomery), the only elected official in the county to have supported Hughes' primary opponent, state Sen. Harry J. McGuirk.

And in fact, with Hughes apparently in command in the county, Kramer, like a host of other elected Democratic officials, was right there with Hughes yesterday.