The Bladensburg Town Council is backing the Prince George's Municipal Association in its fight against a zoning change made by the county, which controls most municipalities' zoning matters.

The County Council recently passed a bill that would reduce the power of local governments to win special zoning exceptions.

Under the old law, the county had to grant any special exception recommended by a municipal government unless the County Council could muster a two-thirds majority against it.

The new law downgrades municipal comments from "recommendations" to "suggestions" and requires only a simple majority of the County Council to override local government decisions, said Town Manager Eric Morsicato.

A special exception is granted in some cases to those who want to build in an area not zoned for the type of construction proposed.

In response to municipal objections, the County Council has agreed to reconsider the bill Tuesday.

In other business, the council decided to support the Jaycees' effort to ask the U.S. Postal Service to commemorate the country's first manned balloon flight that, according to Morsicato, ascended from the Port of Bladensburg almost 200 years ago.

The council also began plans to celebrate Bladensburg Day, Sept. 11.