The Federal Bureau of Investigation is looking into a possible connection between the pipe bombing of a Fairfax County gynecology clinic and the Army of God, a fanatic antiabortion group that claimed responsibility last week for the kidnaping of an Illinois abortion clinic director and his wife.

A spokesman in the FBI's Northern Virginia field office confirmed yesterday that agents have been investigating whether the antiabortion group may have been responsible for the incident that occurred June 6 at the Arlington-Fairfax Medical Clinic at 6051A Arlington Blvd.

The clinic, according to its medical director, Dr. Nicolae Filipescu, performs a "few abortions" a month.

No reason was given for the possible linking of the Army of God to the bombing, but according to an article published yesterday in the Belleville, Ill., News-Democrat, the group claimed responsibility for a bombing in the Northern Virginia area in a 43-page letter released last week.

Saying,"This is just a preview of things to come," the group claimed responsibility for two May attacks on abortion clinics in Florida and one in Falls Church, the newspaper said.

The Arlington-Fairfax Medical Clinic has a Falls Church mailing address but is in Fairfax County.

Filipescu said yesterday he has not received any letters or calls that might provide a motive or clue for the June 6 bombing.

The Army of God has said it is responsible for the Aug. 12 kidnaping of Dr. Hector Zevallos and his wife, Rosalie Jean. Zevallos, 53, is the director of Hope Clinic for Women in Granite City, Ill. The couple was released unharmed early yesterday on a deserted road near their home.