Three dozen newly promoted officers, one of the largest such groups in recent D.C. police history, were sworn in last week by Chief Maurice Turner before a standing-room-only audience of families and friends in the Police Auditorium.

The group included a new deputy chief, Fred Thomas, commander of the Youth Division; a new inspector, Kenneth L. Huston; four captains; 12 lieutenants; and 18 sergeants.

Three women, Jacqueline D. Simms, Rosiland Y. Parker and Gayle A. Fisher, are among the new lieutenants.

Another 26 officers were transferred, either to fill vacancies created by the promotions or at their own request.

The promotions and new assignments are:

Inspector Fred Thomas, to deputy chief, Youth Division; Capt. Kenneth L. Huston, to inspector, night supervisor; Lt. Sammie D. Morrison, to captain, Finance and Management Division, as the new budget director; Lt. Winston Robinson Jr., to captain, 3rd District; Lt. William B. Riley, to captain, Second Division; and Lt. David W. Bostrom, to captain, Youth Division.

Sgt. Daniel E. Keller, to lieutenant, Office of the Chief of Police; Sgt. Craig V. Doyle, to lieutenant, 6th District; Sgt. Jacqueline D. Simms, to lieutenant, 1st District; Sgt. Rosiland Y. Parker, to lieutenant, Youth Division; Sgt. Lloyd Coward, to lieutenant, 2nd District; Sgt. Charles W. Apps, to lieutenant, 6th District; Sgt. James M. Boteler, to lieutenant, Criminal Investigation Division; Sgt. Wyndell C. Watkins, to lieutenant, 3rd District; Sgt. Dewey R. Wiseman, to lieutenant, 6th District; Sgt. Gayle A. Fisher, to lieutenant, 2nd District; Sgt. Michael J. Fitzgerald, to lieutenant, Youth Division; and Sgt. Waldron L. Adams, to lieutenant, 6th District.

Officers promoted to sergeant and their transfers are Ronald C. Monroe, 4th District; Leonard B. Mason, 7th District; Max P. T. Sacks, 1st District; Earl Boyd, 3rd District; Shawn M. Maguire, 7th District; Dennis E. Brown, 5th District; Evelyn L. Primas, 1st District; Diane Ross, 2nd District; Brenda Holley, Planning and Development Division; David J. Buckner, 2nd District; Michael A. Brown, 3rd District; Gary F. Grimes, 3rd District; Bruce L. Hansen, 6th District; Frank R. Weinsheimer, 4th District; Earl I. Drescher, Special Operations Division; Hugley Payne Jr., 4th District; Leonard G. Cooke, 7th District; and Dennis Singleton, 3rd District.