Charles Brewer was last year's "Most Attractive" senior at J.E.B. Stuart High in Fairfax County, a tall, handsome basketball player who the yearbook said "must carry with him . . . a lasso and several vicious dogs to break through the everpresent throng of adoring females surrounding his locker."

And until early this summer Joy Keophumihae was Chuck Brewer's girl -- a half-Thai, half-American beauty, school-spirited and stylish in Polo-brand clothes. A cheerleader for two years, then a jayvee soccer player. "She was very much in love with Chuck," a close friend says.

Their romance supposedly ended this summer, but on Thursday night they were seen at the movie "Poltergeist" at Tysons Corner. On Saturday night, Fairfax police said yesterday, Brewer allegedly smashed a window to enter a house in Oakton and fired five shots with a .38 caliber pistol, four of which hit the girl.

Joy Keophumihae, 17, of 3420 Fiddlers Green Dr., Falls Church, was in serious condition yesterday in the intensive-care unit at Fairfax Hospital and Charles R. Brewer, 19, of 3701 George Mason Dr., Falls Church, was being held without bond in the county jail. He was charged with malicious wounding, using a firearm during a felony, burglary and brandishing a firearm.

At 11 p.m. Saturday, according to police accounts, Brewer went to a house on Farbia Court in Oakton where Keophumihae was visiting a friend. When he knocked on the front door, Joy ran upstairs and hid in a bedroom. The friend told Brewer to go away.

Police said the shooting occurred after Brewer gained entrance by breaking a window in a kitchen door.

Brewer and Keophumihae had started going together last winter, during basketball season. He was on the basketball team then; "That and his looks made him pretty popular," said Stuart senior Mario Mairena.

After the break-up this summer, friends said, Brewer dogged Keophumihae. "She had had enough," said one friend. "She just couldn't make him understand."