Leesburg's outdated flood plain district map has been revised to conform to a recent study by the U.S. Geological Survey.

The Town Council last week designated 75 acres of largely undeveloped land as the new flood plain district in Leesburg. The new flood plain, which covers almost the same area as the old district, extends from western to southeastern Leesburg along the course of three streams: Tuscarora Creek, Town Branch and Dry Mill Branch.

The U.S. Geological Survey recommended minor changes in the flood plain after a study completed in March. The previous flood plain was established after a survey eight years ago by the Soil Conservation Service.

"We are really only talking about 3 percent of the land in Leesburg in the new flood plain district. With these minor adjustments on the flood plain map, we can make sure that low-intensive uses like agricultural or recreation are zoned for these areas," said Marc Weiss, assistant town manager. "This also allows Leesburg to continue participating in the federal flood insurance program."

In other action, the Town Council agreed to spend about $65,000 to widen a half-mile of Rte. 7 in downtown Leesburg. The remainder of the $135,000 project will be funded by Virginia Department of Highways and Transportation. The road, now two lanes also known as East Market Street, will be widened to four lanes from the Rte. 15 bypass to Catoctin Circle.

Work is expected to begin next month, according to Andrew Shope, town director of engineering.