Industry: Work for dredging of Baltimore Harbor to increase water carrier capacities. Promote development of I-270 corridor in Montgomery County, L.D. 15 particularly. Advance usage of BWI Airport. Promote job training by private industry of the unemployed. Provide incentives for the small businessman to reduce business failures. Seek supportive measures for the passage of "enterprise zones" in distressed areas. Reaganomics:

I support the New Federalism concept. I firmly believe that in most sectors, local government is more responsive to the people and their needs. I would have to review in detail the new proposed tax program before reaching a decision. Crime:

First, a revision and expansion of penal institutions ranging from low security for minor offenses to high security for major, violent crimes. Second, an increase in judicial positions and supportive police and clerical staff. Third, stiffer penalties for criminal offense to seve not only as a deterrent to crime but to protect the public from offenderrs. While these aims would tend to increase the cost of government, it should be remembered that approximately only 2 percent of governmental budgets is spent on the judiciary and law enforcement. Industry:

Tax incentives for business thatt establish re-training programs for those who've lost manufacturing jobs. The harbor dredging project must be completed to restore commerce in Baltimore. Establish a legislative business council to form a partnership among business, workers and representatives. Develop tourism to bring more out-of-state revenues, using Maryland's natural resort areas as a "year-round" attraction. Reaganomics:

In general, I support the entire philosophy of tax reductions and budget cuts. I believe certain loopholes (such as the selling of business tax deductions on losses) should be closed. I strongly supportf the New Federalism program to transfer funding and programs better administered at the local level. Crime:

Mandatory sentences for violent crimes should be created. Repeat offenders should not be permitted plea bargailning. Our overcrowded prisons should be revamped, with restitution and rehabilitation programs designed for convicted criminals. The parents of juvenvile offenders should be held responsible financially for actions taken by children. Victims of crime should receive restitution from criminal offenders. I support the efforts dedicated toward reducing drunk driving.