Candidates for state Senate and House of Delegates were asked the following questions by The Washington Post:

Industry: What plans do you have to attract new industry to the state and to help those now unemployed?

Reaganomics: What parts of the Reagan economic program do you support or oppose?

Arthur Dorman (D), (Incumbent) 55, of 11107 Montgomery Rd., Beltsville, is an optometrist who has served in the Senate since 1975 and served five terms in the House of Delegates. His Legislative interests have been consumer protection, public information and aid to the handicapped.

Industry: I cochaired the subcommittee of the Senate Economic Affairs Committee that drafted and passed the Enterprise Zone Law. This new law provides tax incentives for businesses located in or locating in an enterprise zone that create new jobs. It is in reality a new jobs program. These tax incentives are very attractive to new industry. We must continue our strong effort in the area of economic development. Both the state and county programs have attracted new industries. To support this effort, we must continue to have a good transportation system, good schools and varied cultural activities. These are important factors when an industry is considering where to locate.

Reaganomics: I strongly oppose Reagan's suggested cuts in Social Security. This is, as far as I am concerned, a breach of trust with those who have paid into the Social Security system for all of their working years. The system must be continued. The part of the Reagan economic program that I do support is the reduction in taxes. However, the Reagan program reduces taxes unevenly. Those having less income do have some tax break, but those with substantial income wind up with a substantial tax reduction. This is the problem with the tax reduction part of the Reagan program. I also oppose the spending cuts in the program. Those who are less fortunate -- the poor, the sick and the handicapped--have been hit hardest by the spending cuts. The state, with its limited resources, is going to have to fund some of those needed programs.

Amend: The Constitution of the State of Maryland need not be amended to limit taxes or spending. The Constitution requires that the state have a balanced budget, and that is excellent. In the last session, I cosponsored a bill that was enacted and creates a Spending Affordability Committee made up of members of the General Assembly. This committee recommends to the governor the spending limit for the next year's budget. It is a good system, and we should let it take effect.

Crime: As far as crime is concerned, I have supported a number of proposals. (a) Citizens awareness -- Neighborhood Crime Watch -- an excellent program. This program should spread to all communities. Statistics show that crime decreases in neighborhoods when there is a crime program. (b) Increases in the number of state and county police. I have worked and passed laws increasing the dollars allocated to Prince George's County for police protection. We have, in the last few years, increased the size of the county as well as the state police force. (c) Increase the number of Jail cells. I have supported funds for new state prisons as well as one for our county. We will have to fund another state prison, and I do support this. (d) We have increased the number of judges in our county. This has reduced the amount of time between the initial arrest and trial. We have to move towards a criminal justice system that has fewer delays.

Andrew O. Mothershead (D), 54, of 7112 Eversfield Dr., Hyattsville, has owned Sonny's Building Supply Inc. for 25 years. He served two terms in the House of Delegates. He is active in community and Democratic groups, including the Chamber of Commerce and President's Club at the University of Maryland.

Industry: I have been a businessman in this county for more than 30 years, and I am attuned to the needs of this business community and will introduce legislation to stimulate business and industry, make this county attractive to new industry and thereby broaden the tax base and add to the job market opportunities. This complex combination must be squarely faced and promptly dealt with.

Reaganomics: I support that portion of federal legislation which provided accelerated depreciation (ACRS), enacted as an incentive to business.

Amend: No, I do not support legislation establishing tax and spending limitations. I strongly support the Maryland Constitution's requirement for a balanced budget.

Crime: Propose legislation which requires mandatory sentencing for certain crimes of violence and repeat offenders and provides restitution to be made to the victim. This would apply to the drunken driver and the juvenile offender as well.