Candidates were asked the following questions by The Washington Post:

Industry: What plans do you have to attract new industry to the state and to help those now unemployed?

Reaganomics: What parts of the Reagan economic program do you support or oppose?

Amend: Should the state amend its constitution to limit taxes or spending?

Crime: What proposals would you support to address the crime problem?

Harry W. Kelley

Industry: I believe that in order to attract new business as well as keep businesses here we must create a belief in the businessman that an investment in Maryland is a good investment. I will appoint an economic revitalization committee, which will be chaired by the lieutenant governor and which will coordinate the existing resources to provide job retraining and other assistance and to displaced workers. This committee also will be responsible for finding new methods of assiting current businesses as well as attracting new business to Maryland.

Reaganomics: I am opposed to increasing the defense budget by billions of dollars at the expense of our poor, our needy and our senior citizens. If New Federalism means placing control for programs in the hands of the state, then the funds for operating these programs should also be returned to the state.

Amend: It is not necessary to have spending or taxing limits in Maryland since we already have a balanced budget requirement. I am against any further taxation of our people, and I have proven that in my administration in Ocean City.

Crime: I believe it is necessary to concentrate on protecting the rights of victims instead of the rights of the criminals. It is important to have more prisons and provide greater security to our citizens. We must look to the problems of the yound and provide a more effective juvenile justice system, which includes treatment programs, such as drug rehabilitation, as well as incarceration. Within the prison system I would try a work-release program. An individual that is tired mentally and physically is not likely to cause trouble.

Lawrence M. Vincent (D), 39, of 200 S. Hilltop Rd., Catonsville, a lawyer, was manager of employment and training for Koppers Co. Inc. in Baltimore. He has been active in state and city Democratic campaigns and community and professional associations. He was chairman of Baltimore County's personnel and salary advisory board.

Industry: Our administration will place as much emphasis on the revitalization of existing business as on the attraction of new business. We will establish an economic revitalization committee consisting of members of the Legialature, the executive branch and business and labor leaders. The committee will be chartered by the governor to coordinate such activities as the retraining of displaced workers, as well as to explore new methods of providing low-cost capital to businesses and means of providing low-cost energy to manufacturers.

Reaganomics: The Reagan economic program purported to return control of certain federally funded programs to the states. It, however, appears that the funding for the continuance of the programs is being cut rather than turned back to the states. Therefore, unless the federal funds are also returned to the states, I cannot support the New Federalism.

Amend: No. Maryland already has a balanced budget provision, making such a provision unnecessary.

Crime: My first priority would be to establish a complete review of the juvenile justice system. I would personally support a reduction in the juvenile waiver age from 18 to 16 and would support the building of new facilities for housing juvenile offenders.