Candidates were asked the following questions by The Washington Post:

Industry: What plans do you have to attract new industry to the state and to help those now unemployed?

Reaganomics: What parts of the Reagan economic program do you support or oppose?

Amend: Should the state amend its constitution to limit taxes or spending?

Crime: What proposals would you support to address the crime problem?

John J. Schwartz;

John J. Schwartz (D), 63, of 3003 Liberty Pkwy., Dundalk, is a machinist at Western Electric Co. A picture of Schwartz was unavailable. He and his running mate, Sharon P. Gensler, filed one set of answers to the questions.

Sharon P. Gensler (D), 36, of 712 Fagley St., Baltimore, is a beautician. A picture of Gensler was unavailable.

Industry: Uncertain just now, how to answer this question; at the present time I's unprepared.

Reaganomics: I feel as though the government should inquire into the people living in foreign countries receiving millions of dollars from Social Security. Are these people alive and receiving it legally. Also I feel that if the banks would lower interest rates, people could afford to make loans to purchase homes, cars, etc. How can Reagan take away Social Security from those people who have worked hard for so many years.

Amend: Yes, I feel that the Constitution should be amended because, what will the world be like in 10 years? How will people be able to eat and buy for their families if we don't do something? It might be all right with the wealthy, but what about thmiddle class and the poor? I feel as though the government should set up a wage freeze and price control program. I think this program will control inflation to a certain extent. I think this is something everyone should think about.

Crime: * believe in capital punishment: an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. Also when you go to jail you go to jail to be punished. No extracurricular activities and then the person or people committing a crime will think twice about going to jail. And then those taxes will go to help the good of our state. I also feel the police department should have more foot patrolmen. This will save money on gas, and we would be able to hire other policemen. Please don't take this wrong, I support the police 100 percent, but I think the exercise would be very good for them.