Candidates were asked the following questions by The Washington Post:

Industry: What plans do you have to attract new industry to the state and to help those now unemployed?

Reaganomics: What parts of the Reagan economic program do you support or oppose?

Amend: Should the state amend its constitution to limit taxes or spending?

Crime: What proposals would you support to address the crime problem?

Harry J. McGuirk

Industry: Assist existing businesses. Aid small companies with managerial assistance. Support enterprise zones.

Reagonomics: Believe certain programs can best be handled at state level. Feel money should be left in state for funding. Should increase program by administrative cost savings.

Amend: No. Should not be a constitutional amendment. We should, however, restrict our growth to our increased income.

Crime: A change in the juvenile system. A security center for offenders. A review of drug abusers incarcerated. (Estimated 70 percent of criminals use drugs.)

Samuel W. Bogley (D), (Incumbent), 40, of 12200 Rockledge Dr., Bowie, has 14 years of experience in local government, including eight as a Prince George's County commissioner and councilman, before becoming Maryland's Lieutenant Governor.

Industry: Create by training-retraining a work force able to step into the kinds of jobs that will exist in future as we move out of industry-based and into information-based economy. Beef up job-counseling programs. Assist local governments in accessing and pursuing opportunities to attract businesses with capacity for growth. Review tax structure, discover and correct hinderances to economic development. Must also stress retention and expansion of existing businesses.

Reaganomics: Given the economic facts of life from Washington, believe state should work closely with county and municipal governments to retool programs where necessary. Programs for handicapped, elderly, must be maintained; education is a priority. Move from categorical grants to allow the state more flexibility in allocating available funds.

Amend: No. A constitutional amendment would not allow the flexibility necessary to provide for increasing tax bases/income.

Crime: Wouldlike to see review of juvenile justice system. Increase endorcement of laws already on the books. Aggressive program to address problems of drug abuse. Support such programs as neighborhood crime watch and turn-in-a-pusher.