The Rockville mayor and City Council last week added a requirement for a master permit to regulations governing the placement and size of political signs.

A master permit requiring candidates and their campaign workers to abide by the city's specific, detailed regulations on political signs would eliminate claims of ignorance of the laws, according to Granville E. Paules, city planning commission chairman.

"Without the master sign permit," Paules said, "the commission believes there would be a greater opportunity to violate the law, however unintentionally, due to the simple fact that candidates and their supporters could be ignorant of the ordinance requirements."

Under the new regulations, any candidate who plans to put up campaign signs must obtain a master sign permit. When the permit is issued, city officials will explain the city's specific regulations on size, shape and placement of political campaign signs.

The council also established a Friends of the Arts committee. The council authorized the committee, whose members have not yet been appointed, to create a private corporation that will raise money and attract volunteers to operate Rockville's performing art series.

The first volunteers will be members of the corporation's board of directors and will serve one-year terms.

The council also awarded a $22,016 contract to Dukes Sales and Service Co. of Syracuse, N.Y., to apply root control chemicals to the city's sewage system, and a $14,100 contract to Hawkins Electric Co. of College Park for traffic signal maintenance.