The first issue of the Fundamentalist Journal -- slick-paper, generously illustrated monthly published by the Rev. Jerry Falwell's Old-Time Gospel Hour Inc. -- made its debut this week.

According to the "Editors' Note" in the premier isssue, the intent of the publication is "to create a forum to encourage Christian leadership and statesmanship to stand for the old-time religion in these critical days." The annual subscription rate is $14.95.

In size and typographical design style, the new publication is reminiscent of the more liberal fortnightly, Christianity Today. The cover features a four-color montage of a dozen fundamentalist preachers from the past, described as "giants in the faith."

Articles in the 66-page issue explore such topics as "Why Christians Should Support Israel," "Jesus' Resurrection: a Historical Investigation," "What Happened to Sunday School Busing?" and the reprint of an antiwhiskey sermon by the early 20th century evangelist, Billy Sunday.

Falwell, who is listed as editor of the journal, is featured or quoted in four of the six features in the "News" section of the magazine, and his photograph appears five times throughout the issue. Advertisements for the first issue are largely for Falwell-related enterprises and religious publishers.