National Association of Retired Federal Employes is sponsoring a series of meet-the-candidate sessions for federal and military retirees in Northern Virginia. Rep. Frank Wolf (R-Va.) and Democratic challenger Ira Lechner will debate Saturday (2 p.m.) at Marshall High School . . . NARFE hopes for a face-off Sept. 29 (3p.m.) at Woodson High School between Rep. Stan Parris (R-Va.) and challenger Herb Harris. Call Don MacCloskey at 751-4757 for details.

Political Ratings: NARFE has put togather a voters guide for Virginia-based retirees. It analyzed seven key votes on matters relating to federal annuities and says incumbents Wolf and Parris each voted "right" four times and "wrong" three times.

National Federation of Federal Employes has issued its voters guide for federal employes and retirees. The independent union lists the voting record of every Senate and House member on 10 major items concerning pay, budgets and pensions. It also has a rundown of activities that are permited, and prohibited, by federal workers under the Hatch "no politics" Act.

Copies of the voter guide can be had from NFFE's legislative department, 1016 16th St. NW, Washington 20036.

Fund for Assuring an Independent Retirement (FAIR) also has a voter guide. FAIR represents 25 federal unions and employe groups who are fighting pension cutbacks. Its rating system tells how each member of Congress voted on the Medicare tax, cost-of-living raises and pension deferrals. FAIR is located at 818 18th St. NW, suite 1010, Washington 20006.