The Berwyn Heights Town Council has plugged a loophole in the town's ordinance banning junked vehicles from the community.

When the council passed the law last year, it failed to define junked vehicles. The council recently corrected that oversight by defining junked vehicles as those either abandoned, without current license plates, inoperable or dismantled.

Town spokesman John Fitzwater said that after the ban was enacted most persons informed of violations were cooperative in complying with the law, but some maintained that their cars were legal because of the lack of a definition.

"Some people felt that one man's junk was another man's antique," he said.

The original ordinance states that a car can be junked after 90 days, at which time the owner is notified of the violation. If the vehicle is not moved, the town's public works department can confiscate it.

Fitzwater said the town has not confiscated any vehicles since the law was passed.

In other business, the council increased the per diem expenses for town officials attending Maryland Municipal League meetings from $50 to $75. Fitzwater said the change was needed because the fall conference is at Baltimore's Hyatt Regency Hotel, where a room costs $75 a day.

The council also appointed resident Ron Shane to the community's recreation council for a one-year term.