The College Park City Council is considering annexing an area north of the city that would enlarge the city by more than a third, but the plan has met opposition from some prospective annexees.

The annexation idea was prompted by 138 residents of Crystal Springs and Acredale developments who petitioned College Park. They want access to the city's services, a council spokesman said.

City officials decided the move would square off College Park's city limits and increase its tax base. Officials sought comments from other residents who would be affected by annexation.

Sixty to 70 residents along Metzerott Road, in the planned annexation area, objected to becoming part of College Park, saying that it would increase their taxes, that they do not need the city's services, and that they are happy living in an unincorporated area.

They filed a petition against annexation with the council last week, and it will be considered at a future council meeting.

The proposed annexation would increase College Park from about five square miles to seven.

In other business, the council decided to buy equipment to televise council meetings and other community events on the city's cable television system, operated by Storer Cable Communications.

Storer already televises the meetings, but the council wanted its own equipment, the council spokesman said. The city administrator was authorized to spend up to $5,000 for a camera and recording equipment.

The council also introduced an ordinance to prohibit parking facing traffic on the wrong side of the road.