The Joint Congressional Committee on Printing today takes up the issue of what kind of a pay raise -- if any -- to give 2,700 union craft workers at the giant factory that produces the Congressional Record, Federal Register and other government publications.

The contract between GPO and workers expired in June. Public Printer Danford Sawyer -- who says GPO workers are overpaid compared with counterparts in government and industry -- proposed that workers take a 22 percent pay cut over three years. Unions there, as one might expect, rejected the idea and proposed a pay raise of about the same amount over two years.

The congressional committee that oversees the GPO -- much to Sawyer's chagrin -- appointed a fact-finder. It may act on his recommendations today. He proposed that workers get a 3 percent raise retroactive to June 18, and full cost-of-living adjustments this December, and in June and December 1983.

Most of the 3,000-plus white collar workers at GPO will get the same flat 4 percent raise this October as other government employes.

National Federation of Federal Employes convention in Chicago has reelected James M. Peirce as president of the independent union. Also reelected were secretary-treasurer Abraham Orlofsky, and J. Richard Hall, who is vice president of the region covering metro Washington.

Exemplary Service Awards: Donald L. Wardle, director of VA's monument service, was one of three feds honored yesterday with a congressional award for outstanding service to the public. Other winners are Winifred Cook, with State Department's Honolulu passport office, and Faith Heinemann of the Bureau of Labor Statistics in Los Angeles. The awards were set up by Reps. Benjamin Gilman (R-N.Y.) and Elliott Levitas (D-Ga.).