A 21-year-old Southeast man was killed yesterday near Fort Dupont Park by a motorist who opened fire as he passed a small crowd of young men standing on a street corner, D.C. police said.

Eric R. Williams of 361 Ridge Rd. SE was pronounced dead at D.C. General Hospital. One witness said the victim appeared to have been hit in the chest and the legs. Other witnesses said they recognized the gunman as a young man who lived in the neighborhood. Police said they were seeking a suspect but would not release his name until he is found.

The incident occurred at 12:50 p.m. at the corner of Ridge Road and B Street SE where about six young men had gathered. The car was on Ridge Road going toward Minnesota Avenue when the driver fired on the group, according to the witnesses. One of them said he held the steering wheel with his left hand, fired six shots at the crowd from a gun in his right hand, and sped away.

Williams, according to witnesses, had just walked his girlfriend to the bus stop, where she boarded a bus for work. He was "sitting back and talking to the guys," when the gunman opened fire, said one witness, who described herself as a family friend.

The victim's sister, Valerie Williams, 27, said Williams was a vendor at RFK Stadium. She said he grew up in the neighborhood where the shooting occurred and was a graduate of Phelps Vocational School.

The witnesses said the man slowed down but did not stop as his car approached. One said the man "was riding down the street like he knew what he wanted to do and he did it."

Others in the crowd fell to the ground after the first shot was fired, according to witnesses. No one else was injured, police said.