The FBI launched an intense search yesterday for two armored truck drivers sought in connection with the theft of more than a quarter of a million dollars from a truck they were driving in Prince George's County Tuesday.

Described by authorities as one of the largest armored truck thefts in recent years in the Washington area, it included more than $250,000 cash and a large number of non-negotiable checks.

Dana E. Caro, special agent in charge of the Baltimore FBI office, said fugitive warrants were issued Thursday against Wayne Raymond Miller, 31, of Takoma Park, and Joseph Raymond Callen, 29, of Laurel, both employes of the Federal Armored Express Co.

He said the two were last seen late Tuesday as they left work in Miller's yellow 1975 Buick station wagon after turning in their truck at the Federal Armored Express headquarters in Riverdale.

When they did not show up for work the next day, Caro said, Federal Armored Express officials checked the work sheets recording Miller and Callen's rounds on Tuesday and found they had been altered to conceal a massive shortage.

"They had made a lot of pick-ups but not any deposits," FBI spokesman Andrew S. Manning said dryly.

The two suspects completed their day in what appeared to be a routine manner, driving their truck into the Federal Armored Express headquarters lot at 6405 Rhode Island Ave. and leaving off their worksheets.

Federal Armored Express officials would not discuss the case or give details of Callen and Miller's employment.

FBI agents said Callen and Miller had been assigned to make routine cash transfers between private commercial businesses and several banks during the day.

Callen was described by the FBI as five-foot-nine, 240 lbs., with blond hair and glasses. Miller was described as five-foot-eight, 135 lbs., with black hair, glasses and a mustache.

The two men were charged with interstate transportation of stolen property in a fugitive warrant issued by U.S. magistrate George E. Burgess in Hyattsville..

Miller's Buick station wagon bears Maryland tag FTD 580, the FBI said. Agents said persons with information on Callen or Miller should call the Baltimore FBI office at 301 -- 265-8080.