Two corrections to yesterday's list of health premiums for Blue Cross-Blue Shield and the National Association of Postal Supervisors plans. Beginning in January, workers who have the Blue Cross-Blue Shield high option family plan will pay $54.50 biweekly, an increase of $12.73. That will bring the total annual premium for Blue Cross-Blue Shield (currently $1,086) to $1,417 in 1983. The new premium for high option family coverage offered by the National Association of Postal Supervisors plan will be $24.07 biweekly, an increase of $1.74.

The average 24 percent jump in health insurance premiums next year, coupled with the new 1.3 percent Medicare tax on federal workers, will take a big bite out of that 4 percent pay raise that goes into effect this month for most of the area's 350,000 government white-collar workers.

New premiums and benefits for the 1983 federal health program were announced yesterday by the Office of Personnel Management, which said that most plans will offer the same overall coverage they offered this year.

This year, benefits were cut 12 to 16 percent, forcing some employes to pay higher deductibles in some plans and more out of pocket for health services previously covered.

After looking over the health insurance premiums and brochures, which will be available soon at agency personnel offices, employes and retirees who wish to change coverage for next year may do so in an open season scheduled to run from Nov. 22 to Dec. 10.

Under the federal program, the government pays between 50 and 60 percent of the premiums for white collar and blue collar workers. Under their union agreement with the U.S. Postal Service, the 600,000 postal workers have up to 75 percent of their premiums paid by the government.

Following are the new 1983 premiums on plans available to federal workers and retirees in the Washington area. The figures are for nonpostal workers only, even in the case of postal employe plans that accept nonpostal employes or nonmembers for a fee.

The figures, per biweekly pay period, are for the high option plans (self-only or family) that are most popular with employes.

Blue Cross-Blue Shield: Self-only premium $25.36, an increase of $5.62 over this year. Family coverage premium goes to $54.50 biweekly, an increase of $12.73.

Aetna: Self-only premium $18.78, up $6.36; family $26.88, up $11.22.

American Federation of Government Employees: Self-only $14.60, up $3.03; family $29.58, up $7.32.

National Alliance: Self-only $15.47, up $1.95; family $43.05, up $6.85.

American Postal Workers: Self-only $16.17, up $4; family $41.56, up $10.10.

GEBA Plan: Self-only $19.38, up $3.88; family $58.44, up $12.79.

Government Employees Hospital Association: Self-only $6.48, down 86 cents; family $13.65, up 65 cents.

Mail Handlers: Self-only $6.42, up $1.33; family $18.85, up $5.20.

National Association of Government Employees: Self-only $22.37, up $10.50; family $48.66, up $18.89.

Letter Carriers: Self-only $21.87, up $10.17; family $40.50, up $12.05.

Postal Supervisors: Self-only $8.71, up $2.42; family $15.81, up $3.34.

National Federation of Federal Employees: Self-only $18.25, up $8.73; family $43.31, up $21.45.

National Treasury Employees Union: Self-only $19.86, up $10.03; family $44.98, up $23.76.

Postmasters: Self-only $29.46, up $4.04; family $62.01, up $9.57.

George Washington University Plan: Self-only $16.52, up $2.70; family $49.80, up $9.41.

Group Health, D.C.: Self-only $17.63, up $2.20; family $50.24, up $12.90.

Kaiser-Georgetown: Self-only $10.98, up 37 cents; family $33.08, up $3.09.

Columbia (Md.) Medical Plan: Self-only $9.73, down $2.55; family $34.99, down $1.49.

Maryland Free State Plan: Self-only $7.58; family $37.96.

Maryland Healthplus: Self-only $20.67, up $7.79; family $58.18, up $18.80.

Maryland Individual Practice Association: Self-only $8.59; family $32.84.

Federal personnel offices will be getting copies of the health plan changes -- premiums and rates -- within the next few weeks.