Police Chief Leo W. Link, who six months ago was charged with disorderly intoxication, has been granted probation before judgment, said Judge Robert N. Lucke, who presided at the Sept. 20 trial.

Anne Arundel County Police arrested Link in March following an incident in Deal, a small town near Annapolis, according to Anne Arundel County District Court records.

Anne Arundel County prosecutors did not press a separate charge of breaking and entering stemming from the same incident, according to the judge and to court records.

Assistant State Attorney James Barton, who prosecuted the case, would not return a reporter's phone calls.

Link said that last March he had accompanied a friend into a house after they had stopped for a drink at the Happy Harbor Inn. When he left the house and returned to the restaurant parking lot, he said, county police arrested him. Link said his attorneys advised him not to elaborate.

Mayor Guy Tiberio and the Town Council placed the chief on paid administrative leave in March. Last month, they reinstated him.

After the trial, The Prince George's Journal reported incorrectly that Link had been convicted of disorderly intoxication.

Based on that report, members of the Riverdale Civic Improvement Association passed a resolution denouncing the decision by the mayor and council to reinstate Link as police chief. The group dropped its resolution when it learned Link had not been convicted.

During his suspension, Link said, he and his family were harassed.

"You don't know the frustration, the aggravation, the hell I've suffered for the past six months," Link said. "I want it forgotten. I want to get back to business. I'm glad it's over."