The 22-year-old Fairfax City businessman who lost his license to operate a video game arcade hopes to convert the Main Street game parlor into a fast-food shop, according to his attorney.

After the City Council rejected Christopher Clemente's request to renew his arcade permit, Clemente contemplated appealing the decision in circuit court, said his attorney, Fairfax lawyer James H. Rodio. He has more than two weeks in which to decide whether to appeal the ruling.

At the same time, "he'd like to keep a business there, so he's now trying to work out a deal to put in another operation at the same location," Rodio said. Clemente's plans could include a sub shop or an ice cream parlor, Rodio added.

The Board of Zoning Appeals gave Clemente a special use permit to run the Olde Towne Video Center with the restrictions that it be open only to players 16 and older and they pay a $25 membership fee each year.

But after its March opening, police reported several violations of the permit, and the City Council unanimously rejected Clemente's bid to renew the permit on Sept. 28, two days before it was to expire.

While acknowledging that underaged youngsters played the video games, Rodio said many of them had written permission from their parents to do so.

"But here's a guy who's invested all his savings in keeping the place," Rodio said. "If he can work something out and get the council's permission for some new venture, then that's what he'd like to do."