A police trial board has upheld the recommendation of Montgomery County Police Chief Bernard D. Crooke that a county officer who fatally shot a Kensington hairdresser while off duty last February be dismissed.

Bruce Jackson, a 10-year veteran of the force, turned in his badge, service revolver and uniform Oct. 1. He plans to appeal the dismissal.

Last March, a county grand jury cleared Jackson of criminal charges in the death of 39-year-old Jan Michael Moore.

After an internal affairs investigation last June, Chief Crooke recommended that Jackson be dismissed on grounds that he "lied" about the incident and "acted unsatisfactorily" after the shooting.

The dismissal stems from an incident Feb. 11 at East West Highway and Wisconsin Avenue. According to police, Jackson and Officer Larry Pagley had left a go-go bar and were driving north on Wisconsin Avenue in separate cars when they saw Moore get out of his car about 2 a.m. and confront another motorist.

Jackson pulled Moore over, approached and identified himself as a police officer, then saw Moore brandish a large knife and start to get out of his car, police said. Jackson identified himself again, stepped back and fired one shot, according to police..

According to department sources, a police trial board held hearings in July and September and cleared Jackson of charges that he violated police policy on use of deadly force, but the board found him guilty of lying to investigators after the shooting. He reportedly told the internal affairs investigators that he drove directly to the district police station after the shooting when in fact he pulled up the street one block and was calmed down by Pagley.

Officer Pagley, who also faced a hearing before the trial board, received a letter of reprimand and remains on the force, according to the department sources.