A teacher at George Washington University Law School was shot and wounded near her Capitol Hill home last night when a man who was attempting to rob her fired a shotgun blast at close range that grazed her head, D.C. police said.

Neighbors, who heard the blast and the victim's screams, hurried outside where they found the lawyer and teacher, identified as Mary Christie, bleeding profusely from a wound to the forehead.

Police, reportedly aided by accounts provided by witnesses, arrested two men shortly after the 7:30 p.m. incident and charged them with armed robbery.

According to reports from police and neighbors, Christie, who had moved recently to a new apartment within a few blocks of the Capitol, took the subway home last night.

After stopping at a neighborhood store to buy groceries, she got the impression she was being followed.

Carrying her groceries, she went into the front yard of a house on 5th Street SE. As she did, a man jumped the fence and approached her. A struggle began, and the blast from a sawed-off shotgun was fired, police said.

The robber fled. Investigators said they believe the man had a confederate in a car.

Police said property was taken, but they declined to give details.

After the shooting the woman "was lying across the steps " to the house, screaming, said a neighbor who came to her aid.

The victim, described as in her late 20s, was taken to George Washington University Hospital. Within an hour or two after the incident, one neighbor said, he understood she was "more angry about it than anything else."

The woman was released from the hospital late last night after treatment for the wound to the left side of the head.

"She's a very lucky person," said robbery squad detective Casimir Wyzgowski.

The suspects were identified as Clem Eric Jones, 20, of 1536 D St. SE, and Joel Robinson, 32, also of the D Street address. Police said they were arrested there.