Republican gubernatorial candidate Robert A. Pascal, who has pinned his hopes for overcoming Gov. Harry Hughes' lead in the polls on a last-minute television blitz, will not have any commercials in the Washington television market this week.

Pascal's ads will be seen on two Baltimore television stations beginning today and the campaign will spend about $50,000 on media in the Baltimore market this week. But in the Washington area, where Pascal is trailing Hughes by large margins, according to three recent polls, there will be no TV before next week.

"We'd like to be on TV in Washington this week but the money just isn't there," campaign spokesman Ilene Heaney said yesterday. "In terms of our fund raising, those polls absolutely killed us."

Heaney said Pascal contributed $25,000 to his own campaign this week and was likely to contribute another $75,000 next week in order to ensure that at least some of his advertisements would appear in the expensive Washington market.

In the meantime, the Hughes campaign will probably begin its ads late this week in Baltimore, Washington, Hagerstown and Salisbury.

"I don't want to say how big a buy it will be but it will be a good one and it will be throughout the state," said campaign manager Joseph M. Coale III. "We've really been waiting to see what Pascal does before deciding exactly what we will do."