Commissioners Phil Mendelson, Patricia Wamsley and Lisa Koteen are representing Advisory Neighborhood Commission 3C at the Zoning Commission hearings on the proposed development of the Tregaron estate on Macomb Street NW. The first hearing was held Oct. 4 and another is scheduled for next Monday. The ANC's position is that the developers are planning too many town houses--120 to 130--for the site. The ANC would like to see the number reduced to 65 or 70.

The ANC has made the following grants: $1,000 to the Hearst Recreation Council for play equipment; $468 to the Cleveland Park Afterschool Program for art supplies; $350 to Boy Scout Troop 46 for bus insurance; $600 in matching funds to the Woodley Place Elm Tree Association for saving existing elms and replacing dead trees; and $600 for a pilot advanced math course at Alice Deal Junior High School.

The Newark Street Community Garden Association has asked the D.C. Recreation Department for permission to expand. After having ascertained that the expansion could be accomplished without encroaching on the tennis courts and the play area, the ANC is supporting the expansion.

The ANC's recreation committee, led by commissioner Francis Threadgill, recently cleared an overgrown area of Fulton Park at Tunlaw Road and Fulton Street NW and removed dead trees from the edge of Guy Mason Recreation Center at Calvert and 36th streets NW.

The ANC will meet at 8 p.m. next Tuesday at the 2nd District Police Headquarters, Newark Street and Idaho Avenue NW.