The Friendship Heights Village Council is trying to pursuade managers of condominium and apartment buildings thoughout the village to hire the same security force it employs, suggesting that that would create a coordinated security network.

Representatives from Pagley Security Specialists, a Potomac firm, agreed to coordinate any employes hired by residential groups with those assigned to patrol the town, Village Manager Alice Bushnell said.

Friendship Heights pays Pagley $50,000 annually for security guards, Bushnell said. Residents can call for help through a telephone relay number, she said. Reports of major crimes in the village are immediately turned over to the Montgomery County Police.

Council members have begun contacting building owners and condominium groups to sell the idea, Bushnell said, and have met with mixed responses.

In other business, the council discussed proposed changes in Metro bus routes and scheduled a special hearing Nov. 8 to discuss how altered or cancelled routes would affect village residents.

Metro has proposed cancelling the E-3 and E-5 routes and rerouting others to run on Willard Avenue, Bushnell said.

"That would have major environmental impact," she said. "Buses would be spewing out their fumes where there never were any."

The council also approved $5,000 for trees and shrubs supplied by Green Gardens Inc. of Clarksburg for a town park. The council also agreed to pay Green Gardens $1,100 to overhaul the underground watering system at Hubert H. Humphrey-Friendship Heights Park.