The National Park Service plans to expand boating and recreational facilities at Daingerfield Island but will not make many other changes it had considered for the island south of National Airport.

Under a master plan recently approved by Park Service Regional Director Manus (Jack) Fish, parking and boat storage at the sailboat marina will be increased, a second soccer field will be added, a bicycle trail will be built along the Potomac River and a restaurant will replace the snack bar.

Most of the improvements were endorsed at public meetings two years ago. The public has until Oct. 25 to comment on the master plan, which can still be amended by the Park Service.

Before approving the plan, the Park Service had considered $9.6 million in improvements, including dredging the existing harbor, creating a new one and transforming the island into a major recreation area.

No improvements are expected soon because of severe cuts in Park Service funds. The projects now approved would cost an estimated $1.3 million.

When funds become available, first priority will be given to improving roads and parking lots, constructing new slips for boats and building the bike trail and soccer field, Park Service officials said.

The master plan would leave woods and marshes on most of the 109-acre island. However, the riverfront would be more accessible.