The Prince George's County school system, in a move projected to save $2 million, will move one-third of its central instructional personnel out of Upper Marlboro and into the field while eliminating 41 administrative and supervisory positions over the next two years, School Superintendent Edward J. Feeney announced yesterday.

Described as a "sweeping reorganization," the cuts, which involve positions rather than people, according to school officials, will close one of the three area supervisory offices currently serving 116,000 schoolchildren, and eliminate a deputy school superintendent position.

Annabelle Ferguson, an assistant superintendent in charge of the northern-area administrative office that will be closed next year, announced her retirement yesterday as Feeney held massive meetings with all county principals and administrators that sent shockwaves through the system.

Last spring massive cuts in Feeney's proposed school budget forced the layoff of 507 teachers and sharp cuts in school services. Critics charged that Feeney could have saved teachers in certain areas of administrative waste. The critics frequently singled out the three area offices, which provide instructional and administrative backup to teachers and school-based administrators.

School officials said the reorganization is part of an ongoing streamlining process that has cut out 184 professional administrators over the past four years as well as 58 supporting personnel. Over the same period school enrollment has declined from 134,000 to 116,000.