Washington Grove's municipal laws may be perfectly adequate, but 10 residents came to last week's Town Council meeting to complain that enforcement is not.

The residents told of vandals smashing car windows, cyclists zooming down the streets on unmuffled, unlicensed motocross bikes, and persons "in one instance, playing horseshoes on town property," said Mayor Robert D. Evans.

Because the town has no police force, residents bothered by violations of local ordinances turn to Evans. And that, he's found, is "not a very efficient enforcement mechanism.

"We've been told that the Montgomery County Police come through here two or three times a day. And they do respond to calls," Evans said. "But they aren't going to come out here to enforce our noise control ordinances."

Evans said the town last summer hired a security guard to patrol following an increase in vandalism, and the damage reports subsequently declined. The council last week discussed hiring a full-time security guard, but until next year will not be able to budget the estimated $16,000 needed to hire one.

The prospect of help arriving next year offered little comfort to those who came to the meeting.

"They want results," Evans said, "and until they see results they aren't going to be satisfied."