Survivors and families of the dead and injured in a 1981 commuter bus crash on Interstate 95 near Quantico have filed a product liability suit against General Motors, manufacturer of the bus involved.

The suit, filed Monday in Detroit by 42 plaintiffs, alleges faulty design and manufacture of the 1959 GMC bus, in which 11 Fredericksburg-area commuters died and 13 others were injured.

The bus was bound from Washington Feb. 18, 1981 when it left the highway and plunged 50 feet into a creek.

The lawsuit does not specify the amount of damages sought because Michigan law does not require it at this stage. An attorney for the plaintiffs said the suit alleges gross negligence by GM in design of the steering system in the vehicle; faulty manufacture, and design problems hindering proper routine inspection of the steering system and other faults by the bus builder, according to the Associated Press.

A spokesman for the Detroit law firm that normally handles product liability suits for General Motors said that he had not heard of the suit.

A report issued by the National Transportation Safety Board on the accident cited worn ball joints in the steering mechanism as the cause. Federal investigators said the owners of the bus company had conscientiously maintained the vehicle.