Montgomery voters will be asked to vote Yes or No on the following county charter amendments:

Question A: This proposal would change the timetable for the local redistricting commission, giving members an extra six weeks to prepare their report in redistricting years.

Question B: This proposal would amend the county charter to require candidates for county executive to have lived in the county for one year before Election Day and to be qualified, registered voters.

Question C: This proposal would set up a procedure for filling vacancies in the office of county executive, allowing the County Council to fill a vacancy in the executive's office within 45 days by appointing a member of the same political party as the elected executive. If the council waited past 45 days, the central committee of the executive's party would choose the replacement.

Question D: This proposal would provide some technical changes to the county's charter to update some provisions, to remove most gender references, to correct areas where the county's charter conflicts with state law and to correct errors.

Question E: This amendment would force the county government to stop doing business with the C & P Telephone Co. unless the company included Gaithersburg and Montgomery Village residents in the local calling area, so that those upcounty residents would get the lower rates charged to customers in Silver Spring, Bethesda and Rockville.