District of Columbia voters will go to the polls Tuesday to elect candidates for eight offices, including mayor, City Council chairman and delegate to Congress.

Voters also will cast ballots on a proposed statehood constitution and on a nuclear weapons freeze initiative.

Voting will take place at polling places in each of the city's 137 precincts. Each voter is required to vote in the precinct in which the voter is registered. Exceptions may be granted for reasons of age, infirmity or health limitations.

Voters who arrive at their polling places and find that their names do not appear on registration lists may vote regular, unchallenged ballots if they can show voter registration or notification cards.

Those whose names do not appear on the lists and who do not have registration or notification cards may be allowed to vote regular, unchallenged ballots.

To do so, a voter must present a driver's license or other identification which establishes that the person is a resident of the precinct. These voters must fill out and sign affidavits swearing they are properly registered. Those who don't have sufficient identification will be allowed to vote special, challenged ballots.

Elections officials said they plan to print the names of voters whose challenged ballots are disqualified in The Washington Post legal classified section on Monday, Nov. 8. Persons who are disqualified may challenge the board's decision by contacting the elections office at 347-4509.

A list of all registered voters is posted at the Martin Luther King Jr. Library, and there are ward registration lists at branch libraries around the city. Voters may check their names and fill out cards if their names or other information is wrong or missing. The cards will be used by the elections board to prepare a supplemental voter registration list for election day.

Redistricting required by the 1980 census caused partial boundary changes in Wards 2, 3, 5 and 6, which means that some precincts were changed. Only two polling places have been changed since the Sept. 14 primary. In Ward 1, Precinct 13 has been moved from the Mackin School to St. Margaret's Church at Connecticut Avenue and Bancroft Street NW, across from the Washington Hilton Hotel. In Ward 2, Precinct 18 has been moved from the Bundy School to the Montgomery School at Fifth and P streets NW.

Absentee voters can cast their ballots in two ways. Those who already have obtained ballots by mail -- the deadline to do so was Oct. 18 -- must mail them in, postmarked no later than Nov. 2, Election Day.

Absentee ballots also can be picked up or cast in person at the Board of Elections and Ethics office in Room 7 (ground floor) of the District Building, 14th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue NW, through 5 p.m., Oct. 29.