Candidates for school board were asked the following questions by The Washington Post:

Administrators: The Maryland State Board of Education says the Prince George's school system has the lowest ratio of administrators to pupils in the state. Yet critics insist that the school system could have cut more administrators and fewer teachers last fall. Is the school system top-heavy with administrators and, if so, exactly where would you look to cut administrators?

Budget: What would you do to protect the school budget at a time when most politicians are reluctant to raise taxes and a majority of taxpayers do not have children in the schools?

Lesley Kreimer, (D) incumbent, 37, of 8270 Canning Ter., Greenbelt, has served on the Board of Education for nine years.She also is a representative to the Washington Metropolitan Area Board of Education. She holds a master's degree and has been a high school teacher and counselor and a college instructor. She has two children in county schools.

Administrators: The state Board of Education is correct. We not only have the lowest ratio of administrators to pupils in the state, but also in the metropolitan area. The school system is in no sense "top-heavy" with administrators. Administrators serve numerous functions within the schools, perhaps the most important being quality control. Administrators work to ensure that all mandated programs are implemented in all schools and that teachers and other staff are performing adequately. They develop new programs and curriculum as needed and resolve problems that may arise in our schools. Critics may have experienced less visibility or longer response times from administrators, which is understandable when they are spread so think. While we are marginally staffed with administrators, we are seriously understaffed with teachers and other personnel who work directly with students. If again faced with absurdly inadequate funding, we may have to sacrifice quality control, program consistency and problem solving provided by administrators just to keep teachers in our classrooms.

Budget: Without fiscal autonomy, the Board of Education is at the mercy of the County Council, county executive, state Board of Education, state government and the federal government for funding. I will continue to inform and lobby our elected officials and citizens for adequate funding. I also support the election of individuals who have demonstrated support for adequate funding for education. Within our funding limitations, I place first priority on keeping the basic instructional program intact. In addition, I encourage the utilization of funds and services from other sources, including grants and other business and community resources.