Candidates for the Maryland Senate and the Maryland House of Delegates were asked the following questions by The Washington Post:

Sentences: In what cases, if any, would you support legislation requiring judges to impose mandatory sentences? Do you feel Maryland should build a maximum security facility for juvenile offenders? Please explain.

Spending: In which areas of government should the state spend more money or less? Please be specific.

Legislation: Give three examples of legislation you intend to propose.

Tommie Broadwater Jr. (D), incumbent, 40, of 3309 Hayes St., Glenarden, a businessman and a bail bondsman, is a two-term Maryland state senator. He is a member of Budget and Taxation and Rules committees, and of Maryland's Legislative Black Caucus. He also serves on gubernatorial committees on juvenile justice and housing.

Sentences: (a) I have always been very cautious in supporting legislation favoring mandatory sentencing. I prefer to leave some discretion to the judge in each individual case before him. If it is necessary to support such legislation, I would favor it in the areas of repeat offenders, rape, kidnapping, murder and crimes committed while on parole. (b) I support the need for additional facilities to house all offenders, but am not committed to a maximum security facility for juveniles.

Spending: The state should spend more for housing, health and public safety.

Legislation: 1) Legislation to increase minority participation in small-business contracts. 2) Legislation to increase funding of enhancement program for black institutions. 3) Possible legislation to ensure that funds transferred from the federal government to the state for social programs are not adversely affected.