Candidates for the Maryland Senate and the Maryland House of Delegates were asked the following questions by The Washington Post:

Sentences: In what cases, if any, would you support legislation requiring judges to impose mandatory sentences? Do you feel Maryland should build a maximum security facility for juvenile offenders? Please explain.

Spending: In which areas of government should the state spend more money or less? Please be specific.

Legislation: Give three examples of legislation you intend to propose.

Arthur Dorman (D), incumbent, 55, of 11107 Montgomery Rd., Beltsville, an optometrist, has been a member of the Maryland Senate since 1975. Previously, he served five terms in the House of Delegates, where he was speaker pro tem for four years.He has chaired the Prince George's County delegations in both the House and Senate.

Sentences: (a) We already have many mandatory sentences on the books. I feel second- and third-time offenders should get stiffer sentences, and if the judges don't act, the legislature should. (b) Yes, we need a maximum security facility for juveniles. We really have nowhere to place juveniles committing major crimes.

Spending: The state is still top-heavy in its employment force. Last year we cut out 900 state jobs and the state is still functioning well. Of the 900 people affected, 875 are still state employes, and that is good. We can cut back at least 500 more state jobs this year while still employing the same percentage as last year.

Legislation: 1) A bill mandating truck covers on loose loads. This has been my bill in the legislature, although others claim sponsorship. With a changeover in the legislature, I hope this is the year to pass this bill. 2) A bill charging for costs of probate -- similar to Del. Stewart Bainum's bill. 3) A bill providing additional funds for community services for the elderly (Gateway II) and the handicapped.