Candidates for the Maryland Senate and the Maryland House of Delegates were asked the following questions by The Washington Post:

Sentences: In what cases, if any, would you support legislation requiring judges to impose mandatory sentences? Do you feel Maryland should build a maximum security facility for juvenile offenders? Please explain.

Spending: In which areas of government should the state spend more money or less? Please be specific.

Legislation: Give three examples of legislation you intend to propose.

Nathaniel Exum (D), incumbent, 42, of 6702 Arlene Dr., Capital Heights, president of a heavy construction firm, has been a member of the House since 1975, where he serves on the Economic Matters Committee and is vice chairman of the Legislative Black Caucus. He is on the board of directors of Family Service of Prince George's County.

Sentences: Mandatory sentences should be imposed under the following conditions: second conviction of armed robbery; rape; and offenses committed while on probation or work release.

Spending: The state should spend more money in the following areas: housing, education, public safety and health.

Legislation: 1) Proposal to change the composition of the judicial nominations commissions. 2) Proposal to allocate a percentage of lottery revenues back to the district that provides the most revenue. 3) Proposal to insure minorities participation in the contractual part of the lottery.

Francis J. Santangelo Sr. (D), incumbent, 63, of 7009 E. Chesapeake St., Landover, is serving his third term in the House, where he chairs the Prince George's County delegation of the County Affairs Committee. An insurance broker, he is active in civic and youth programs and founded the PACA Italian-American Club in the county.

Sentences: Mandatory sentences for the following: second offense and conviction of a crime committed with a lethal weapon; rape; drug trafficking; and any offense committed while on probation.

Spending: Job retraining for our unemployed. Public safety. Education. Health and handicapped services.

Legislation: 1) Submit my original legislation introduced in 1974 to return a fair percentage of lottery revenues derived from the areas of the state that provide the greatest amount of revenues. Figures during 1974 to 1982 indicate that Prince George's County has consistently been first, second or third in lottery revenues. 2) Proposal to allocate a percentage of lottery revenues to needs of senior citizens' services.

Sylvania W. Woods Jr. (D), incumbent, 28, of 7816 Fiske Ave., Glenarden, was elected to the House in 1978. He earned the Maryland Municipal League's Distinguished Legislative Service Award this year. An insurance salesman, he has been chairman of the Glenarden Town Council and has served on the Glenarden Housing Commission.

Sentences: Mandatory sentences for: armed robbery, rape, drug trafficking and crimes committed while on probation.

Spending: The state should spend more money on the following: public education and housing.

Legislation: 1) A bill to require prime contractors to pay their subcontractors within a certain period of time on state-funded projects. 2) A bill to insure minority participation in enterprise zone construction. 3) A bill to allocate a percentage of lottery revenues back to the subdivision that provides the bulk of its funds.