The Maryland Voters Guide, published Wednesday, omitted the second paragraph of a response from Montgomery County school board candidate Marilyn J. Praisner. The questions were, "What qualifications and educational philosophies should a new school superintendent possess? Should the search be limited to present employes of the Montgomery County schools?

Praisner's full response was:

"For an era of achievement, stability and harmony, it's imperative that the new superintendent be a good match for the county in background, experience and style. He/she must be a strong educator committed to providing a positive, disciplined learning environment in which students are motivated, and teachers/staff are supported and encouraged to develop professionally. The superintendent must be keenly attuned to the needs of a diverse student population. He/she needs strong communication skills, budget and management expertise, tact and a willingness to work with an activist community.

"Certainly, members of the school system possess these characteristics, but we shouldn't restrict the process before it begins. I want the best qualified person -- inside or outside the system. As a PTA leader, I observed the process last time and believe it can be improved, including better community/staff/student involvement -- from developing criteria to participation on the search committee."