Episcopal Bishop John T. Walker has asked all priests in the Washington Diocese to speak out at Episcopal services tomorrow in support of a nuclear weapons freeze initiative that D.C. voters will act on Tuesday.

In his letter to priests, Walker said the bilateral nuclear freeze called for in Measure 10 on the ballot "encourages redirection of resources to jobs and human needs and recognizes the prevention of nuclear war as the only defense against nuclear destruction."

At the Washington Cathedral tomorrow, the morning services will focus on the nuclear freeze initiative.

Members of Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Northwest Washington have come up with their own response to the fears of adulterated goodies on Halloween.

Instead of candy bars and apples, Mt. Zion has laid in a supply of gospel comic books and tracts for members to drop into trick-or-treat bags. The church's outreach team will do some doorbell ringing of their own tonight, not to ask for goodies but to hand out their tracts.

The leader of a gay activists group has praised Baltimore's Roman Catholic archbishop for celebrating a mass for homosexuals.

Archbishop William Borders' action "gives us strength as we try to intensify our ministry to gay persons in the city of Baltimore," said Don Miller, chairman of Dignity, an organization of homosexual Catholics and their supporters.

Borders, once denounced by the city's gay and lesbian community, moved to improve his leadership in the city's Catholic homosexual community by celebrating the special service with the group of gay activists last Saturday night.

Borders and six priests celebrated the mass before 200 members of Dignity, including homosexual leaders from New York, Washington, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and Harrisburg.

"I hope that you experience the peace that comes from the realization God is not only in your presence, but is the bonding force of your movement together through life," Borders told the congregants.

Borders was denounced and picketed by homosexual activists two years ago for his part in defeating a "gay rights" bill before the City Council. Last year he appointed a sympathetic priest to minister to homosexual men and women.