A D.C. police officer received minor injuries yesterday morning in an exchange of gunfire with a man allegedly in the process of robbing a downtown Peoples Drug store, police said.

A total of seven shots were exchanged between a robbery suspect and Officer Joseph Adams in the drug store, located at 1901 Pennsylvania Ave, NW, police said. In the process, a bullet grazed Adams' right ankle.

A spokesman for George Washington University Hospital said Adams was in good condition.

Robbery detective Joseph Kaclik said two men, one of whom was armed, entered the drug store at about 10 a.m., before the store opened to customers. Kaclik said the men forced the store's employes to the back of the store while they unsuccessfully tried to open a safe in the front of the store.

With one man stationed in the front of the store, the other man found an open safe in the store's rear office and took an undertemined amount of money, police said.

At about that time, Officer Adams arrived at the drug store, responding to a robbery call, Kaclik said. After exchanging fire with Adams, one man ran from the store to a construction site in the 1900 block of H Street NW where he forced a security guard at gunpoint to give him his uniform.

The robbery suspect then put on the security guard's uniform, but nonetheless was apprehended by D.C. police a short time later, Kaclik said. The man offered no resistance.

The other suspect escaped.

Arrested and charged with armed robbery was Dwight Raymond Crockers, 29, of 340 34th Pl. NE.