Anyone who didn't vote yesterday couldn't blame the weather, as clear skies and light breezes set the scene for an unusually warm November day with a high temperature of 80 degrees.

Today the warm weather is supposed to continue. The National Weather Service is predicting record-breaking temperatures in the mid-80s. The record for today, set in 1974, is 80 degrees.

"The weather's been beautiful and people have been coming in before I got here at 6:45," said Margaret Taylor, precinct captain of precinct 135, at First Street and Rhode Island Avenue NW as she watched people vote in the basement of Mt. Bethel Baptist Church. "I think with everyone talking about the good weather we've had a better turnout today than we had in September."

Yesterday's high came within 5 degrees of the record temperature for Nov. 2. The record, set in 1971, is 85 degrees.

The unseasonably warm weather will end tomorrow, according to the weather service, with scattered showers and a thunderstorm. Temperatures are expected to dip into the low 70s.

"We'll have one more nice day of Indian summer," said Larry Wenzel, a weather service specialist. "After the rain on Thursday temperatures will drop to the low 50s. But there will be a warming trend . . . . By Sunday temperatures should be in the high 50s again."