Results from Tuesday's elections for some uncontested seats in Montgomery and Prince George's counties were left out of Thursday's Washington Post. Among the unreported winners was Senate President James Clark Jr., whose district is split between Montgomery and Howard counties. He was reelected with 20,521 votes.

In Montgomery's 19th District, Sen. Sidney Kramer, chairman of the county's Senate delegation, was reelected with 21,812 votes.

In Montgomery's 18th District, Del. Donald B. Robertson, House majority leader, was reelected with 21,199 votes. Del. Helen L. Koss, chairman of the Constitutional and Administrative Law Committee, was reelected with 21,133 votes, and Del. Patricia R. Sher received 21,109 votes.

In Prince George's 21st District, Sen. Arthur Dorman was reelected with 13,733 votes; Del. Timothy F. Maloney received 13,748; Del. Pauline H. Menes received 13,476 votes, and Del. Thomas J. Mooney received 13,560 votes.

In the 22nd District, Sen. Thomas Patrick O'Reilly was reelected with 13,089 votes; Del. David Bird received 12,512 votes; Del. Richard A. Palumbo received 13,229 votes, and Del. Frank B. Pesci Sr. received 12,561.

In the 24th District, Del. Tommie Broadwater Jr. got 11,690; Del. Nathaniel Exum received 11,359; Del. Francis J. Santangelo Sr. got 11,605, and Del. Sylvania Woods received 11,440.

In the 27th District, Sen. Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr. was reelected with 14,183 votes.

Also, the vote totals from the 20th District Senate race were omitted from the early editions of Thursday's Washington Post. In that race, Democrat Stewart Bainum was elected with 18,065 votes, to succeed retiring Sen. Victor L. Crawford. Republican Stephen Leventhal received 7,280 votes.