Two men and a woman were killed by shotgun blasts in the parking lot of a Laurel apartment complex Saturday night, and Laurel police described the deaths as two homicides and a suicide that apparently resulted from a marital estrangement.

Howard G. Wood, 59, the manager of a motel near the Laurel race track, and Adelaide Johnson, 48, the owner of a beauty shop, were shot to death by Cobie C. Johnson, 50, who then shot himself, authorities said.

Wood and Adelaide Johnson were described by police as friends, and Cobie Johnson, a landscaping contractor, as Adelaide Johnson's estranged husband. All were Laurel residents.

In a brief statement issued yesterday, Laurel police said Cobie Johnson, who lived in the 7800 block of Belgaro Road, was apparently unhappy about his separation from Adelaide Johnson last January.

Police said that Wood, the manager of the Valencia Motel & Apartments in Laurel, and Adelaide Johnson, of the 14000 block of Fourth Street, were in Wood's car when they drove into the parking lot of Wood's apartment building in the 800 block of Eighth Street about 9 p.m.

Cobie Johnson pulled into the lot behind them and cut off their car with his vehicle, police said. He then got out of his car and shot both Wood and his estranged wife with a 12-gauge shotgun as they sat in Wood's car, police said.

Then, police said, Cobie Johnson shot himself in the chest.