New York attorney Harold Price Fahringer apparently wants to take that extra step in his effort to defend former CIA agent Edwin P. Wilson against charges he shipped weapons to Libya.

Last week Fahringer submitted a lengthy list of people and documents he wants Alexandria federal Judge Oren R. Lewis to subpoena for Wilson's upcoming trial.

At the top of the witness list? Former AFL-CIO President George Meany, who has been dead almost three years. (Wilson, while with the CIA, reportedly worked at one time with the Seafarer's International Union, an AFL-CIO affiliate.)

Assuming Meany doesn't show, Fahringer listed the union's current president, Lane Kirkland, apparently as a back-up. He also wants Egyptian President Hosni Mubarek to be subpoenaed, along with former National Security Council head Richard Allen, current NSC Director William Clark, White House Counsel Fred Fielding (Fahringer listed all of their addresses as CIA headquarters) and "Vice-President George N. Busch" (no relation to Augie or any other beer magnate).

Wilson's lawyers will not say why they want that diverse crew and others to testify. Lewis considered the requests in a closed hearing on Friday. It was not known what, if any, subpoenas he decided to issue, but the judge, who is known in legal circles as "Roarin' Oren," is expected to pass on the challenge to raise Meaney from the dead.