D.C. police arrested an 18-year-old Northeast Washington man Monday night and charged him with armed robbery, alleging that he and another man used a car to strike the rear of another car and then robbed its woman driver of $5 after she stopped to investigate the damage.

Two suspects, spotted by police about an hour after the 10:30 p.m. incident, fled on foot through a Southeast housing project. Police later arrested William Delane Davidson, of 39 Quincy Pl. NE, at the project. They were still seeking his companion last night.

Chief Maurice T. Turner Jr. said yesterday that police are investigating whether Davidson was involved in a number of similar crimes that have occurred since Oct. 31 in the Hillcrest and Anacostia areas of far Southeast Washington.

In each of these incidents, a car occupied by one or two men bumped into the rear of an auto driven by an unaccompanied woman. When the women left their cars to check for damage, they were forced at gunpoint into the second car, then raped and/or robbed. In one instance, a woman became suspicious and fled, and two men in the other car stole her auto.

Davidson was being held on bond in the central cell block at police headquarters last night pending arraignment on the robbery charge today in D. C. Superior Court.

Davidson is charged with robbing a woman who was driving south on Interstate Rte. 295 near the Naval Research Laboratory when her car was struck from the rear by a car that police alleged had been stolen the previous night during a similar incident.

Two police officers noticed the car and pursued it. Davidson was arrested after police spotted him in a parked car at the Bellevue Naval Housing Project.

A hundred police recruits searched the area of the arrest yesterday morning and found a gun that police said was registered to a relative of Davidson.

Police are also investigating a possible link with any of the following incidents they say have occurred in the last 10 days:

* On Oct. 31, a car driven by a Temple Hills woman through the 2100 block of Branch Avenue SE was struck from behind about 6 a.m. by an auto occupied by two men. When the woman pulled over, the two men forced her at gunpoint into their car, then took her to the rear of a nearby residence where they robbed and raped her. The men then drove her back to her car and stole it, leaving her at the scene.

* On Nov. 2, a Riverdale woman driving north on I-295 between Howard Road and Pennsylvania Avenue SE stopped her car after it was bumped from behind by another car. A man driving the second car then forced her into his auto, drove to a nearby alley and raped her. The man then returned her to her car and left.

* Shortly before 1 a.m. Monday, a woman driving south on I-295 just beyond the Portland Street exit pulled to the side of the road after her car was hit from behind by another auto. A man in that car then forced her at gunpoint to accompany him to an alley in the 4100 block of 2d Street SW where he raped and robbed her.

* Later that same morning, a car being driven by a woman on Pennsylvania Avenue just inside Prince George's County was struck by an auto with a lone male occupant. The woman pulled over, but ran from the scene and the man stole her car. That was the same 1973 Chevrolet Caprice that D.C. Police Deputy Chief James Kelly said officers spotted Monday night when they began their chase.