Officials of the D.C. Department of Transportation who attended a recent meeting of Advisory Neighborhood Commission 3C have promised to look into several of its requests. The ANC has asked that the traffic light at Wisconsin and Massachusetts avenues NW be changed so that the pedestrian walk light comes on before the green light for cars. Residents have complained that they are unable to cross Wisconsin Avenue because of the traffic turning onto Wisconsin Avenue from Massachusetts Avenue.

The ANC has asked for a pedestrian crosswalk and a caution sign at 39th Street and Massachusetts Avenue NW near Annunciation School. The ANC has also asked for some "No Parking" signs near the crosswalk to improve visibility.

The ANC voted to support the request of residents of 27th and 28th streets NW near the Washington Sheraton Hotel for measures designed to keep hotel traffic off neighborhood streets. Residents want "Do Not Enter" signs posted on Woodley Road at the intersections of 27th and 28th streets and a "Right Turn Only" sign at the Woodley Road exit from the hotel.

Also at the last meeting, the ANC voted a grant to Iona House to publish a booklet, Resources for Older Residents, and appointed Commissioner Peggy Robin chairman of the historic preservation and landmarks committee. Ogden Copeland of Boy Scout Troop 46 attended the meeting as part of a project for a merit badge in government.