The names of three persons from suburban Maryland were left out of the list of Vietnam casualties that appeared in the Nov. 10 Maryland Weekly. The persons, their towns of residence and their dates of death are: Army PFC Michael Neal Johnson, Brentwood, March 18, 1967; Army SSGT Frederick William Murphy, Brentwood, July 2, 1971, and Marined Corps PFC William Herman Waidman Jr., Berkshire (now Forestville), Sept. 17, 1969.

Among the 57,939 Americans whose names are inscribed on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial are the persons named below. They are listed on a government publication of U.S. Casualties in Southeast Asia as having home towns in suburban Maryland. The following list includes each person's rank, branch of service, and date of death or disappearance. Branch of service is designated AR for Army, NA for Navy, AF for Air Force, and MC for Marine Corps.

The black granite memorial, erected on the Mall in Washington near the Lincoln Memorial, will be dedicated Saturday. The $7 million cost of the memorial, which was designed by a 21-year-old architecture student Maya Ling Lin, was raised by private veterans groups. SP4 Robert William Abernathy, (AR), Rockville, March 4, 1968 SGT William Wallace Abshear, (AR), Hillcrest Heights, Mar. 7, 1969 PFC Stephen Hamilton Adams, (MC), Clarksville, Mar. 16, 1968 PFC James Sherwood Allport, (AR), Marlowe Heights, May 2, 1968 SP4 Russell Monroe Amoss, (AR), Mt. Airy, Jan. 31, 1968 PFC John Arthur Ansell Jr., (AR), Bladensburg, May 2, 1968 SP5 Paul Robert Anzelone, (AR), College Park, Feb. 9, 1968 CAPT James Mitchell Atchison, (AR), Frederick, Apr. 12, 1970 PFC John William Avelleyra, (MC), Mount Rainier, May 28, 1967 SGT Ronald Baker, (AR), Indian Head, Jan. 19, 1968 SP4 Frederick Allen Barclay, (AR), Silver Spring, May 5, 1968 SGT Harold Edward Barnard, (AR), Silver Spring, June 6, 1971 SP5 Kenneth Leonard Bartley, (AR), Mitchellville, June 12, 1969 SP4 James Leon Bates, (AR), Bowie, May 30, 1968 1LT Charles Arthur Bedsole, (AR), Severna Park, June 17, 1968 SP4 Martin John Begosh, (AR), Rockville, Aug. l8, 1968 PFC Barry Howard Berger, (AR), Hyattsville, Jan. l0, 1971 SGT John Anthony Bifareti Jr., (AR), Rockville, May 17, 1968 SP5 Harold Douglas Biller, (AR), Silver Spring, Feb. 25, 1969 PFC John Michael Biondi, (AR), Mt. Rainier, May 29, 1967 CPL Roger Wayne Bishop, (MC), Beltsville, Sept. 7, 1969 PVT William Ronald Bissell, (MC), Cabin John, May 22, 1968 CAPT Charles H. Blankenship, (AF), Suitland, July 7, 1967 CPL Clifford Craig Blend Jr., (MC), Brandywine, Jan. 6, 1970 SGT Garland Claude Bobbitt, (MC), Beltsville, Mar. 17, 1966 PFC William Joseph Boehm, (AR), Silver Spring, June 22, 1967 EN2 Harry Julian Bort, (NA), Landover, July 24, 1970 LCPL John Michael Bowers, (MC), Silver Spring, Mar. 21, 1966 1LT David Bicknel Bowling, (AF), La Plata, Dec. 26, 1969 PFC Charles Frank Brandenburg, (AR), Frederick, Aug. 5, 1967 SGT Dale Brandenburg, (AF), Capitol Heights, Feb. 5, 1973 CPL William Michael Branock, (MC), Bladensburg, Feb. 19, 1967 PFC Larry Franklin Brashears, (MC), Walkersville, Apr. 30, 1968 SP5 Michael Leon Brewer, (AR), Frederick, May 9, 1968 CPL Paul Edward Bridgett, (AR), Riverdale, Aug. 26, 1970 SFC Charles Jackson Britt, (AR), Ferndale, Mar. 30, 1972 2LT Daniel Spenser Brittain, (MC), Frederick, May 30, 1966 MAJ Ronald Joseph Britz, (AR), Severna Park, Sept. 3, 1969 HN Earl Thomas Brooke, (NA), Capitol Heights, Dec. 2, 1968 WO Thomas Francis Brown Jr., (AR), Morningside, Oct. 10, 1969 SP4 Richard Bert Bruce, (AR), Silver Spring, Mar. 18, 1969 CPL Lance Dunham Brunson, (AR), Garrett Part, Aug. 6, 1967 PFC Clifford Garland Burch, (AR), Langley Park, July 9, 1967 LCPL Charles Gilman Butler Jr., (MC), Silver Spring, Aug. 1, 1967 1LT Donald Patrick Caldwell, (AR), Berwyn Heights, Aug. 24, 1968 CAPT John Henry Call III, (AF), Potomac, Apr. 6, 1972 EON3 Francis Edward Camden Jr., (NA), Wheaton, Jan. 20, 1967 PFC Darrell Edward Campanello, (MC), Silver Spring, June 3, 1968 CPL William Ladd Campbell, (AR), Silver Hill, Mar. 3, 1967 SMS James Kenneth Caniford, (AF), Frederick, Mar. 29, 1972 SGT John Alan Capasso, (AR), Rockville, May 7, 1970 LCPL Robert Matthew Carlozzi, (MC), Wheaton, Oct. 27, 1967 PFC Joseph Kenneth Carroll, (AR), Bryans Road, Feb. 26, 1969 SP4 Harvey William Carter, (AR), Glen Burnie, Dec. 3, 1968 1LT Lewis Edgar Casner Jr., (MC), Potomac, July 19, 1970 SFC Joaquin Castro, (AR), Mount Rainier, Feb. 18, 1968 LCPL John Joseph Chase, (MC), Laurel, June 7, 1967 2LT William J. Christman III, (MC), Gaithersburg, Feb. 22, 1969 SP4 Larry Monroe Clark, (AR), Olney, Feb. 2, 1968 SGT Lionel Timothy Clover, (AR), College Park, May 22, 1968 SGT Ernest Wesley Cole, (MC), Silver Spring, Feb. 7, 1968 PFC Rainer Louis Cole, (AR), Gambrills, Apr. 3, 1970 PFC Francis Bryant Concannon, (AR), Forestville, Mar. 11, 1967 LCDR Wilmer Paul Cook, (NA), Annapolis, Dec. 22, 1967 SP4 Wilson Lee Cook, (AR), Frederick, Feb. 27, 1967 A2C Gary Wayne Cosgrave, (AF), Frederick, May 12, 1967 CAPT Jeremiah F. Costello, (AF), Chevy Chase, May 25, 1973 LCPL Kevin Mark Coyne, (MC), Silver Spring, June 7, 1968 PFC Woodrow Charles Cronkrite, (MC), Suitland, Sept. 10, 1967 PFC Gerald Lee Crosby, (AR), Rockville, June 28, 1966 CPL Paul Anthony Cumberland, (MC), College Park, Feb. 27, 1969 SP4 James R. Cumberpatch Jr., (AR), Bethesda, June 23, 1966 PFC Bernard Eugene Curtis, (AR), Upper Marlboro, July 2, 1966 PFC Henry David Custen, (MC), Wheaton, Feb. 23, 1969 CPL Kenneth Julian Cymbalski, (AR), Rockville, July 10, 1969 SGT Charles Richard Dale, (AR), Gaithersburg, Feb. 23, 1966 CPL Joseph Peter Dastoli, (AR), Chillum, May 31, 1970 SSGT David Arthur Davidson, (AR), East Riverdale, Oct. 5, 1970 LCPL Robert Griffin Davidson, (MC), Glen Burnie, Oct. 5, 1966 PFC Dennis Dean Davis, (MC), Capitol Heights, Aug. 28, 1969 PFC James Norris Davis, (AR), Riverdale, May 17, 1968 CAPT John De Mey, (AR), Annapolis, June 20, 1969 PFC James Egbert Dickerson, (MC), College Park, Apr. 17, 1968 PFC Robert Bolt Dickerson III, (C), Hyattsville, May 2, 1971 PFC Tommy Eugene Dickerson, (MC), Rockville, May 3, 1967 PFC Carroll Stephen Dieudonne, (MC), Silver Spring, July 5, 1968 CPL Linden Brook Dixon, (AR), Berwyn Heights, Oct. 27, 1967 SP5 Robert D. Donaldson, (AR), Dickerson, Jan. 31, 1966 SSGT Lawrence Henry Donnell, (MC), Annapolis, June 9, 1967 SGT Donald Ralph Dorman, (AR), West Hyattsville, Feb. 16, 1967 PFC Gardner Dorsey, (MC), Crownsville, Jan. 2, 1970 SSGT Luther James Doss Jr., (AR), Glen Burnie, Apr. 30, 1970 SFC Timothy Calvin Drake, (AR), Riverdale, May 10, 1970 LCPL Walter Lloyd Drosd, (MC), Kensington, May 28, 1968 MAJ Bruce Chalmers Ducat, (AF), Bethesda, Dec. 2, 1966 SP4 Frank Melvin Dunsmore Jr., (AR), Lanham, Jan. 2, 1970 PFC Stephen Michael Dydynski, (AR), Hyattsville, Jan. 21, 1967 PFC Larry Eugene Dyer, (MC), Oxon Hill, Feb. 4, 1970 PVT Leslie Milton Dyson Jr., (AR), Takoma Park, Aug. 27, 1968 PFC Harry Leon Ecton, (AR), Boonsboro, Jan. 31, 1968 SP5 George Lemuel Ellis, (AR), Glen Echo, Aug. 5, 1966 CAPT Charles Lawrence Flott, (AR), Chevy Chase, June 5, 1972 PFC Lewis John Fogler, (AR), Glen Burnie, May 1, 1967 GT William Henry Foster, (MC), Severn, July 21, 1968 PVT Clayton Eugene Fraley, (AR), Gaithersburg, Mar. 6, 1969 LCPL Robert Michael Gaffigan, (MC), Silver Spring, Oct. 26, 1970 CWO Robert Wayne Gardner, (AR), Wheaton, Apr. 27, 1970 CAPT Kurt William Gareiss, (AF), Annapolis, Feb. 24, 1965 SSGT Stephen Jonathan Geist, (AR), Silver Spring, Sept. 26, 1967 SP4 Michael E. Gibis, (AR), Gambrills, Dec. 8, 1968 DC2 John Christopher Gibson, (NA), Hyattsville, July 28, 1968 SP4 Ronald Stuart Gilliam, (AR), Hyattsville, June 3, 1968 PFC Edward Leon Goodman, (MC), Annapolis, Oct. 16, 1969 SP4 John William Graser, (AR), Frederick, May 27, 1968 PFC Charles Gonzie Gray, (AR), Brandywine, June 21, 1969 SP4 Francis Garfield Gray, (AR), Laurel, Apr. 20, 1968 CPL Thomas Owen Green, (MC), Jessup, Brunswick, May 12, 1968 SP4 Michael Owen Hardesty, (AR), Galesville, Sept. 6, 1968 CAPT Jeffrey Lyndol Harris, (AF), Clinton, May 10, 1972 PFC Steve Westlel Harris, (AR), Rockville, Aug. 15, 1966 PFC Paul Leroy Harrison, (MC), Hyattsville, Apr. 5, 1967 LCPL David Meldrum Hart, (MC), Wheaton, May 10, 1967 MAJ Eugene Winfield Hartman, (AF), Silver Spring, Sept. 6, 1968 SGT Stephen Lawrence Havas, (AR), Camp Springs, Aug. 3, 1968 CPL Richard Edward Hayes, (AR), Bryans Road, Nov. 26, 1967 PFC Alvah Worrell Henson Jr., (AR), Laurel, Nov. 17, 1968 SP4 Silas Lucas Hicks Jr., (AR), Hyattsville, May 3, 1969 LTC Terrin Dinsmore Hicks, (AF), Silver Spring, Aug. 15, 1968 SP4 Robert M. Higginbotham, (AR), Rockville, May 14, 1969 SGT Jimmy Arnold Hill, (AR), Bladensburg, May 1, 1970 LT David Lawton Hodges, (NA), Chevy Chase, Oct. 7, 1967 SGT William Jeffrey Hodges, (AR), Silver Spring, Dec. 4, 1968 LCPL David Keith Holdway, (MC), Hyattsville, May 3, 1967 PFC Michael J. Hoover, (AR), Hyattsville, Nov. 16, 1967 PFC Danny Lee Hopkins, (MC), Annapolis, June 1, 1969 LCPL William Kenis Hopkins, (MC), Wheaton, Dec. 14, 1968 MSGT Willis Francis House, (AR), Glen Burnie, Mar. 13, 1969 SP4 Richard David Humphrey, (AR), East Riverdale, May 13, 1970 SP4 Stephen Joseph Huskey, (AR), Landover, Oct. 31, 1971 LCPL Kurt Christopher Hussmann, (MC), Hyattsville, Nov. 25, 1968 SP4 Phillip Earl Ireland, (AR), Trappe, May 21, 1967 SP4 Harry Richard Italiano, (AR), Suitland, June 3, 1969 LCPL James Howard Jones, (MC), Beltsville, Aug. 1, 1968 1LT Thomas Edward Jones Jr., (AR), Beltsville, Mar. 21, 1969 SP4 Thomas Weldon Jones, (AR), District Heights, Aug. 29, 1967 PFC John Mullen Joyce, (MC), Bethesda, Nov. 8, 1967 SGT Jon Albert Julia, (AR), Bethesda, Feb. 22, 1968 PFC Everett Eugene Justice Jr., (MC), Mt. Airy, Feb. 7, 1968 PFC Wayne Arnold Keller, (AR), Silver Spring, July 25, 1968 PFC James Kennedy Jr., (AR), Seat Pleasant, May 18, 1966 PFC Ronald Michael Kenny (AR), Mt. Airy, Feb. 19, 1966 PFC Anthony Konstant Kercoude, (MC), Potomac, Sept. 21, 1968 SP4 Thomas Edward Kessing Jr. (AR), Silver Spring, Aug. 25, 1970 LTC William Lewis Kieffer Jr., (AF), Greenbelt, Feb. 11, 1970 CAPT Thomas Michael Kilcullen, (AF), Adelphi, Aug., 26, 1967 PFC Harold Junior King Jr., (AR), Derwood, Jan. 7, 1967 WO Thomas Ray King, (AR), Hyattsville, Dec. 16, 1967 SFC Harold Franklin Kline, (AR), Frederick, Aug. 24, 1968 2LT Arthur G. Klippen, (AR), Bethesda, Aug. 25, 1966 2LT Robert Edward Knadle, (AR), Camp Springs, Oct 9, 1967 2LT John David Kramer, (MC), Beltsville, May 25, 1966 CPL Franklin Joshua Krantz Jr., (AR), Frederick, June 13, 1970 SP4 Albert Otto Krausser, (AR), Takoma Park, Mar. 21, 1969 SGT Kenneth Lionel Krom, (AR), Walkersville, Aug. 18, 1968 SP4 Jonathan Lee Lamm, (AR), Mayo, Feb. 11, 1970 SSGT Kenneth Ray Lancaster, (AR), Silver Spring, Jan. 3, 1968 SP4 Charles Willard Larman, (AR), Oxon Hill, May 19, 1967 WO Philippe Luc Las Hermes, (AR), Annapolis, Feb. 14, 1970 CPL Charles Thomas Lee, (MC), Oxon Hill, Mar. 6, 1968 PFC Paul Austin Leonard, (AR), Annapolis, Nov. 28, 1967 PFC Robert Henry Lerner, (AR), Ijamsville, Aug. 31, 1966 PFC John Holmes Linn, (MC), Seabrook, May 11, 1969 LCPL John Clarence Liverman, (MC), Silver Spring, Dec. 11, 1968 PFC Thomas Calvin Long Jr., (MC), Landover, May 23, 1969 SSGT James Lospinuso, (AR), Laurel, Jan. 10, 1972 LCPL James Edward Love, (MC), Silver Spring, Dec. 5, 1965 SP4 Wayne Thomas Lundell, (AR), Silver Spring, Nov. 17, 1965 SSGT Balfour Oliver Lytton Jr., (AR), Rockville, Mar. 25, 1968 PFC Theodore E. Mangum Jr., (MC), Silver Sprin (AR), Woodsboro, Aug. 8, 1966 PFC Robert Edwin Mentzer Jr., (MC), Rockville, Apr. 1, 1968 PFC Thomas Carroll D. Moffitt, (MC), Kensington, Mar. 13, 1969 1LT Wesley Rice Moore Jr., (AR), College Park, Feb. 1, 1968 SP4 Leonard Morgan, (AR), Laurel, May 31, 1970 PFC Richard Keith Morrison, (MC), Silver Spring, May 16, 1968 PFC Herbert Eugene Mulkey Jr., (AR), Mt. Airy, Mar. 2, 1971 SP4 Jerry Wayne Mustain, (AR), Annapolis, Sept. 15, 1967 PFC Neil Kirk MacIver, (AR), Takoma Park, May 29, 1963 AQF3 James S. MacVickar Jr., (NA), Annapolis, July 29, 1967 CAPT Thomas Weller McCarthy, (AR), Chevy Chase, Mar. 3, 1964 SP4 Joseph F. McDermott III, (AR), College Park, July 8, 1970 SGT John Arthur McGinn, (AR), Silver Spring, June 28, 1970 LCPL James Gerald McGovern, (MC), Riverdale, July, 29, 1967 SP4 William Lewis McGowan, (AR), Silver Spring, May 14, 1969 A1C Frederick Richard Neef, (AF), Germantown, Nov. 27, 1970 PFC Anthony Andrew Neville, (AR), Hyattsville, July 8, 1969 LCPL Larry Donald Nichols, (MC), Oxon Hill, Nov. 17, 1968 PFC John Leif Nielson, (AR), Takoma Park, Jan. 31, 1968 CWO Gerald E. Niewenhous Jr., (AR), Rockville, Dec. 22, 1969 SP4 Richard Edmund Nitsche Jr., (AR), Severna Park, Dec. 4, 1968 SGT Frances F. Novello, (AR), Rockville, Sept. 3, 1965 SP5 John Sylvester Nutwell, (AR), Brandywine, Aug. 24, 1970 CPL Robert Gene O'Connell, (AR), Camp Springs, Feb. 15, 1970 SGT Roy Tulane O'Keefe, (AR), Chevy Chase, Feb. 6, 1968 PFC David Franklin Osborne, (MC), Rockville, May, 2, 1969 SP5 Dean Gilman Owen, (AR), Camp Springs, Apr. 6, 1968 SP4 Robert Albert Painter Jr., (AR), Indian Head, Sept. 26, 1970 SGT James Allen Parker, (AR), Prince Frederick, Mar. 4, 1970 PFC Emidio Pasqualucci, (MC), Annapolis, June 10, 1969 SSGT Louis Payne Sr., (AR), Mount Ranier, Jan. 9, 1971 HN John Francis Pender, (NA), District Heights, Sept. 24, 1967 WO Normand Paul Perron, (AR), Glen Burnie, Feb. 16, 1969 SGT John Francis Plunkard, (AR), Frederick, Apr. 8, 1968 LCDR John Raymond Poe, (NA), Laurel, Aug. 4, 1970 SGT Robert Lee Posey Jr., (MC), Savage, Jan. 30, 1967 LCPL Ernest Postorino, (MC), Rockville, Aug. 27, 1968 PFC James W. Prather, (AR), Gaithersburg, Oct. 16, 1967 SP4 Frank Maurice Proctor, (AR), Oxon Hill, June 1, 1968 SP4 Edwin Holland Pumphrey, (AR), Silver Spring, Apr. 10, 1969 SP5 James Paul Purkey, (AR), Germantown, Oct. 13, 1967 SP4 Danny Joe Quaite, (AR), Arnold, Mar. 2, 1970 PFC Bobby Ray Quesenberry, (AR), Riverdale, Aug. 7, 1969 PFC John Quincy Quesenberry, (AR), Hyattsville, July 9, 1966 PFC David Alan Reed, (AR), Riverdale, Sept. 5, 1968 SGT Philip Thomas Regan Jr., (AR), Adelphi, Apr. 27, 1969 PFC James Alfred Reid, (MC), Derwood, June 6, 1968 2LT William F. Reilly III, (MC), Cheverly, July 17, 1968 SGT Sherwood Reynolds, (AR), Prince Frederick, Feb. 26, 1968 SGT Wade Hampton Rollins, (AR), Waldorf, Feb. 19, 1971 1LT James Russell Saxon, (AR), Glen Burnie, June 1, 1971 CAPT Uwe-Thorsten Scobel, (AF), Hyattsville, Mar. 25, 1964 SGT Kenneth Bruce Sessums, (AR), Hyattsville, Dec. 8, 1969 SGT John Francis Sewell Jr., (MC), Severn, Sept. 21, 1966 MAJ Donald Emerson Shay Jr., (AF), Linthicum Heights, Oct. 8, 1970 CPL Robert Stephen Shegogue, (MC), La Plata, July 18, 1969 PFC Steven Ross Sherman, (MC), Laurel, July 26, 1966 WO Robert Hazen Shields II, (AR), Kensington, Aug. 15, 1969 1LT Stephen Edward Shields, (AR), Clinton, June 20, 1972 PFC John Joseph Shorter, (MC), Glen Burnie, June 23, 1968 SGT Richard Lee Shuck, (AR), Seat Pleasant, Feb. 24, 1969 PFC Ralph Simon, (AR), Silver Spring, June 11, 1966 PVT Richard Aaron Skinner, (MC), Green Frederick, May 15, 1966 SP4 Russell Francis Smith, (AR), Crownsville, Oct. 22, 1969 CAPT Victor Arlon Smith, (AF), Silver Spring, Jan. 17, 1969 2LT Paul Winthrop Smithson, (MC), Bethesda, Nov. 20, 1968 PFC William Leonard Snodgrass, (AR), Gambrills, July 4, 1968 SSGT William Richard Spates Jr., (AR), Kensington, Oct. 25, 1965 PFC Stephen Eugene Sroka, (AR), Frederick, Aug. 3, 1969 CAPT William Arthur Stacy Jr., (AR), Silver Spring, Mar. 21, 1966 LCPL Joseph Nelson Stevens, (MC), Camp Springs, Oct. 14, 1966 PFC Wayne Alan Stevens, (MC), College Park, May 1, 1969 SGT William Reed Stocks, (AR), Glen Burnie, Feb. 13, 1969 PFC Ronald Edward Stoker, (AR), Forestville, Jan. 20, 1969 LCPL William Marvin Stone Jr., (MC), Glen Burnie, June 17, 1969 PFC Frank Morris Streeks Jr., (MC), Silver Spring, Sept. 22, 1967 SSGT Allen Ralph Stroud, (AR), Silver Spring, July 8, 1970 CPL Richard Eugene Swab, (MC), Takoma Park, June 29, 1968 ABH2 Robert Hatcher Swain, (NA), Silver Spring, July 29, 1967 SN Eugene Edward Swift, (NA), Hyattsville, Mar. 9, 1968 CAPT Akos Dezso Szekely, (AR), Silver Spring, Sept. 11, 1968 PFC James Randel Taylor, (AR), Suitland, Mar. 2, 1969 SP4 Raymond Novell Taylor, (AR), Indian Head, May 2, 1970 2LT Robert Emerson Taylor, (AR), Takoma Park, Mar. 14, 1966 PFC Joseph Clayton Thorne Jr., (MC), Hyattsville, Mar. 17, 1969 CAPT John Richard Tine, (AR), Silver Spring, May 1, 1969 CPL Donald Robert Titus, (AR), Highland, Mar. 8, 1968 PVT David Harold Tomikel, (AR), Seabrook, Jan. 18, 1969 1LT Marthell Traylor Jr., (AR), Camp Springs, Sept. 16, 1968 PFC James Allan Tremblay, (AR), Glen Burnie, Apr. 15, 1968 LCPL William Eugene Tucker Jr., (MC), Annapolis, May 3, 1966 SGT Thomas Gaines Turner, (AR), Bethesda, Mar. 9, 1969 SGT Robert William Vaden, (AR), Camp Springs, Jan. 7, 1968 SFC Austin Richard von Kleist, (AR), Rockville, Dec. 16, 1967 PVT James Joseph Wagner, (MC), Clinton, Apr. 24, 1969 CAPT Alexander Kearney Ward, (MC), Annapolis, Feb. 16, 1968 SGT Donald Roland Ward, (MC), Silver Spring, Sept. 6, 1967 1LT James Patrick Ward, (AR), Bethesda, July 11, 1969 MAJ George Baden Waring, (AF), Chevy Chase, Aug. 26, 1972 PFC Carlisle Ogden Wark Jr., (MC), Annapolis, May 11, 1969 CPL Alton Lamotte Watkins Jr., (AR), Hyattsville, Jan. 2, 1968 SGT Teddy Waxman, (AF), Annapolis, Nov. 30, 1967 SGT Donald Eugene Weisman, (AR), Wheaton, Apr. 28, 1971 SSGT David Elmer Welch, (AR), Beltsville, Mar. 14, 1967 2LT William Anthony Wilk, (MC), Silver Spring, July 29, 1967 SGT Robert Leroy Willard, (AR), Frederick, July 28, 1971 SP4 Samuel Louis Williams Jr., (AR), Laurel, July 5, 1969 PFC Francis Desales Wills, (AR), La Plata, Feb. 26, 1966 CPL Jan Franklin Wilson, (MC), Brandywine, Mar. 7, 1968 PFC Lorne John Wilson, (MC), Rockville, Mar. 28, 1969 SSGT David DeSales Winkler, (AR), La Plata, Oct. 26, 1969 SP4 Terry Wintermoyer, (AR), Silver Spring, Nov. 22, 1965 PFC Larry Albert Woodburn, (MC), Silver Spring, Feb. 5, 1971 PFC Thomas S. Woodland Jr., (AR), Indian Head, Apr. 2, 1968 CPL Albert Floyd Wright Jr., (MC), Annapolis, Aug. 2, 1967 MAJ David Irvin Wright, (AF), Annapolis, Nov. 13, 1970 LCPL David Leo Wright, (MC), Suitland, Aug. 22, 1968 PFC Howard Eugene Wright, (MC), Riverdale, Feb. 19, 1969 CPL James Dominio Youngham, (AR), Glen Burnie, Feb. 27, 1968 LCPL Andrew W. Youngkin Jr., (MC), Capitol Heights, Sept. 19, 1966 1LT William E. Zimmerman Jr., (AR), Frederick, Apr. 28, 1968