The D.C. Board of Elections and Ethics certified the results yesterday of last week's city election, in which 122,526 persons voted.

The board, which has had repeated problems with its voter lists, said that 113,991 voters found their names on lists at precinct polling places. An additional 3,640 persons whose names were not on the lists also cast regular ballots, under emergency rules set by the board that permitted them to vote by showing their voter registration cards.

An additional 2,678 persons who had no registration cards and whose names were not on the lists also were able to cast regular ballots--under the emergency rules--by signing affidavits swearing that they were registered.

Of 2,450 affidavits checked so far against the board's master files, "less than 10" appear to have been signed by people who were not registered, according to David Splitt, acting executive director of the board.

Splitt said he believed there was "no evidence whatsoever" that these voters intended to cast ballots fraudulently. He said he believed that some precinct captains misunderstood the rules and thought they could allow people to register and vote on the same day. Same-day registration is not allowed in the District.

Splitt said that 542 special challenged ballots were cast, and that of those, 31 were disqualified because election workers could find no record of the voters in their files.

The results certified yesterday were:

Delegate to Congress: Walter Fauntroy, 93,422 and John West, 17,242.

Mayor: Marion Barry, 95,007; E. Brooke Lee Jr., 16,501; Dennis Sobin, 2,673; Glenn B. White, 1,467.

City Council chairman: David A. Clarke, 102,665; Gregory Rowe, 5,579.

Council, at-large: Betty Ann Kane, 90,929; Hilda Mason, 40,126 (both were winners).

Council, Ward 1: Frank Smith, 9,392; Maurice Jackson, 1,138; Charles B. Fisher, 1,001; Ester McCain Jr., 230.

Council, Ward 3: Polly Shackleton, 13,974; Lois DeVecchio, 5,989.

Council, Ward 5: William R. Spaulding, 11,635; W. Ronald Evans, 1,764; Virgil Thompson, 665; Martin Chivis, 585.

Council, Ward 6: Nadine P. Winter, 11,356; Julie M. Servaites, 894; Charlotte Holmes, 717; Walter M. Lee, 268.

Statehood Constitution: For, 61,405; Against, 54,964.

Nuclear Weapons Freeze: For, 80,766; Against, 34,926.